Have you ever tried to find an owner's manual or wish you had an old receipt?   What would you do if you were robbed or you house or business burned down?   Asset Manager is committed to helping make your worst situations just a bit easier.

an online photo journal of your belongings

Fire, Natural Disaster
BUSINESS Equipment
ESTATE PLANNING Homeowners Insurance
Home Improvement
Home Office
Vacation Home

Asset Manager is a multi-purpose program designed to simplify documentation of your financial investments.   Think of it as an online photo journal of your belongings or business equipment.   Maybe you want to inventory business equipment, a guitar collection or your original, still boxed, G.I. Joe.

how much do you value your assets?

If you are not protected in the event that your home or business is violated by burglary, fire, or other natural disaster, Asset Manager is a terrific solution!   This tool has been used to document insurance claims and home/business repairs, getting organized, and even by collectors who wish to record their items.   The ability to create custom categories and physical locations allows this program to be multi-functional and dynamic for everyone to use.
Take a moment to check out our user-friendly software and you will quickly understand the value, piece of mind, and protection that only Asset Manager can provide.

know what you have, protect what you've earned